As seen in many horror/serial killer films, the meat cleaver is the gore weapon primarily used for removing body parts! There’s just something about it’s intimidating look that makes people run from whomever is wielding it!

Our expertly detailed screen-ready 13.5″ prop meat cleaver is made of a high density wood blade and wooden handle but still has some slight flex.  The quality and construction is that which you would find on any film or movie set. This knife weighs next to nothing and indexes perfectly! It comes with our signature weather/distressed treatment and your choice of blood/gore FX. If you are looking for a clean/weathered/distressed version, please choose the clean version found on the main prop product page.

Unless specified you will be receiving the same cleaver pictured with degree of variation to the distressing/weathering/paint/blood/etc (it will not be exact). If you have specific customization requests, we ask that you list your requests in the notes/specifications box.

**NOTE: Turn around time on this prop is 4-6 weeks.

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Product Description

Meat Cleaver Prop

Our 13.5″ prop meat cleaver has been used for decades. Used by who remains a mystery. Is the blood from an animal, or is it from a killer’s last victim? This prop cleaver is designed from a vintage Nichols Bros cleaver found in the basement of an old 19th century abandoned home know for being haunted. This prop is made of a high density wood blade and wooden handle but still has some slight flex unlike cheaper plastic/resin cast knives. The cleaver overall has our signature weather and distressing to make it look old/used/abused and like it hopped right off of the movie screen!

By default, the cleaver will come with our signature treatment. Please choose the type of blood/gore FX you would like and list any specifics in the text box provided on the right. If you would like a clean version (no blood/gore), please choose the clean version of the prop from our main prop page.

  • As a professional courtesy, if you use our work in any publicly displayed film or short we ask that you please credit Forbidden Props LLC.
  • For International orders, please contact us before ordering.
  • We are unable to ship orders to Australia due to issues with customs.
  • Orders placed in Arizona will be charged 8.25% sales tax.

Contact us PRIOR to ordering with questions regarding specific customizations or if you need a faster turn around time.

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